About Teron.Photography

First of all I’ll explain the Teron part – is my nickname, I know it’s weird, but I like weird. It’s pronounced Téron, but I don’t spell it like that. Also weird. 

I created this site because I love photography. I’ve been taking photos since I was young and to keep me inspired and keep doing what I love most I decided to create a platform where I can do precisely that. 

On this site you can take part of different photo project that I think is a good idea. Some might be, some might not. All the photos are mine (if I don’t credit someone else), and if you’re interested in some of my other stuff, you’ll find that on my portfolio. I also have an online resume

About Strong Women

The first project is called Strong Women. I’m surrounded by a lot of amazing, inspiring, strong women, and I believe that they, in different ways, have formed who I am and inspired me to be the person I want to be. There’s different reasons for each of them for being a part of this project. What they all have in common is that they deserve to be seen, and that they are strong – in their own way. And maybe they’ll inspire other people as well. I haven’t set a deadline for this project and I will keep going for a while, sharing each new segment on social media (so if you haven’t been featured yet, keep cool, I’m coming for ya).

The other side to this project is that I love taking photos and I love capturing people, moments and the sprit of a person. I hope that I manage that in this project. The end goal is that this project, as well as future projects, will become a photo book. 

[Side note: I also have a lot of inspiring men in my life, but if they are truly great, they will love this project like I do][Also, it will get a bit personal, after all, these are my people]

Have questions? Wanna give me feeback or send me flowers? Please do. 

I hope you enjoy the project, and hopefully many more.